Rent Ostrich Feathers

Centrepieces are not rented assembled.  Takes about 10 minutes to assemble an arrangement of 25 feathers.

Rental Feathers .75 cents

 1.  15-18" Ostrich feathers for only .75 cents each 

 Colours available for rent at this time;
White, Black, Brown, Hot Pink, Fuchsia, Yellow, Red, Turquoise, Purple

Shipping of Feathers Available across Canada!

2. Our vases are only $7.99 each.
No minimums - NO shipping available for vases

20 Feather Arrangement - $22.99 25 Feather Arrangement - $26.74
Rent 24" White Lily Vases $7.99 ea. Rent 24" Black Lily Vases $7.99 ea.
light feather centrepieces
27" Feather Tower with Lighting (many light colours available)
With Feathers over 42" tall
50 - 16-18" Feathers
$59.99 each
includes stand/base with up/down lighting, remote and lycra cover of your choice.
Feather Tower Floor Models - Over 65" tall.  $85.99
48" tower, 3" base, 50pcs of 16-18" feathers. Total height 65"
30 Feather Arrangement

OPEN - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday
10am -4pm
closed Wednesdays, Sundays and Holidays

No appointment is required.


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